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I – Instruction

Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives (IA)

Academic Freedom (IB)

Academic Calendar/Year/Day (IC)

School Day (ID)

Independent Educational Evaluation Procedures(IEE)

Curriculum Development (IF)

Basic Instructional Programs (IGA)

Instructional Interventions (IGAB)

Teaching About Religion (IGAC)

Occupational Education (IGAD)

Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco (IGAEA)

Teaching About Human Sexuality (IGAEB)

Accommodation Of Students With Disabilities (IGB)

Special Education (IGBA)

Programs For Gifted Students (IGBB)

Parent/Family Involvement In Instructional And Other Programs (IGBC)

Programs For Homeless Students (IGBCA)

Programs For Migrant Students (IGBCB)

At-Risk Students (IGBD)

Students in Foster Care (IGBE)

Homebound Instruction (IGBG)

Programs For English Language Learners (IGBH)

Home Schooling (IGBI)

Extended Instructional Programs (IGC)

Virtual Courses (IGCD)

MOCAP Virtual Courses (IGCDA)

Nontraditional Instructional Options (IGCE)

District-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities And Organizations (IGD)

Student-Initiated Group Use Of District Facilities (IGDA)

Student Group Use Of School Facilities (IGDAA)

Student Publications (IGDB)

Distribution Of Non-curricular Student Publications (IGDBA)

Student Activity Funds Management (IGDG)

Student Fundraising (IGDF)

Class Size (IHB)

Instructional Materials (IIA)

Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries (IIAC)

Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries – Selection And Reconsideration Of Materials (IIAC-R)

Field Trips And Excursions (IICA)

School Volunteers (IICC)

Academic Achievement (IK)

Promotion, Acceleration And Retention Of Students (IKE)

Graduation Requirements (IKF)

Graduation Exercises (IKFB)

Assessment Program (IL)

Test Security (ILA)

Evaluation Of Instructional Programs (IM)

Speakers At District Events (INC)

School Ceremonies And Observances (IND)

Flag Displays (INDB)